Our Impact

Nearly 285 million people can’t see the world as we can see it in our daily lives. While the visually-challenged may be deprived of their sight, they still have bold visions of being successful citizens in our world.

Our Contributions

VT Seva

VT Seva, or Volunteering Together for Service, is 501c3 non-profit organization with the goal of giving hope to those who need it most. One of the ways VT Seva has helped those in need has been through providing support and raising funds for Netra Vidyalaya.

Netra Vidyalaya

Netra Vidyalaya is a school in India that gives visually-challenged children the opportunity to live an ordinary life. Netra Vidyalaya provides these kids with education, health care, food, boarding, clothing, and more. It was recognized as the “Best School” for the visually-challenged in sports in Andhra Pradesh.

All proceeds from this competition will go towards supporting the Netra Vidyalaya students, as a part of VT Seva's campaign.

It takes only $2 a day to support one child for education, health, food, and clothing. You can contribute to the cause by donating at vtsworld.org.

Your Support is Our Strength to Serve!

Learn more at vtsworld.org.