Speak Your Vision Speech Contest

2019 Speak Your Vision Speech Contest is Complete

Thank you to everyone who attended!

See you again next year!

Contest Winners

2nd-4th Grade

1. Kaeya Bhide
2. Siddhanth Srikanth
3. Akshaj Devireddy

5th-6th Grade

1. Keerthana Noru
2. Sriteja Kataru
3. Syona Bhide

7nd-8th Grade

1. Nora Thomas
2. Aayush Buchamwandla
3. Anya Gadkari

About the Contest

Speak Your Vision Speech Contest is a charity speech contest, organized by VT Seva and Vrisa Speech Academy. All proceeds will go towards supporting visually-impaired children. All students from 2nd to 10th grade are welcome to join. No experience is required

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Date: Sunday, Jan 27, 2019
Location: Carolyn Clark Elementary School, San Jose

Our Impact

All proceeds from this event will go towards providing education for visually-impaired children attending Netra Vidyalaya school in India. Netra Vidyalaya provides these underprivileged children with boarding, food, education, clothing, and more. It costs only $1 a day to provide a kid with education. Supporting our event allows us to Empower, Educate and Encourage visually-impaired children. To learn more, visit speakyourvision.org/impact. Your Support is Our Strength to Serve!

Thank You!