Our Team

This contest is being organized by four core members: Abhinav Nallapa, Satya Vemulakonda, Amulya Bindu, and Sahana Noru. We have been VT Seva volunteers for several years and one service activity we participated in has been raising funds for Netra Vidyalaya. We chose to start the Speak Your Vision Speech Contest in order to give kids a chance to improve their public speaking abilities, while also raising funds for Netra Vidyalaya.

Abhinav Nallapa

I am currently a sophmore at Bellarmine. I love participating in robotics at my school and also enjoy playing basketball and baseball. I have volunteered with VT Seva for the past few years, during which I have participated in a wide variety of service activities. I have chosen to help organize the Speak Your Vision speech contest in order to have a bigger impact on society.

Satya Vemulakonda

I am a 10th grader at Leigh High School in San Jose. I play football and wrestling. My hobbies are to swim, sing, and play the trumpet. I also love to be outside, although I dont get to do that as much as I want to. I have been a part of VT Seva for 5 years, and have loved my journey through VT Seva. I have made a lot of close friends in VT Seva and have helped a lot of people through service with VT Seva.

Sahana Noru

I am sophomore at Evergreen Valley High School. I have been volunteering at VT Seva for 5 years and am also a teacher at Vrisa Speech Academy. Through this speech contest, I want to raise money for the visually impaired as well as give kids a platform to practice their public speaking skills.

Amulya Bindu

I am a freshman at Silver Creek High School. I have been volunteering with VT Seva for 5 years and I also visited the Netra Vidyalaya School in Hyderabad. That inspired me to support the visually challenged children. I love volunteering with VT Seva because we do a lot of community service activities. Along with volunteering, I have been playing piano for 3 years and I also love to hang out with my friends.